Homagama, Colombo

Homagama, a tranquil suburb of Colombo, is gradually making its mark as an emerging residential hub, distinguished by its lush greenery and serene environment. This area harmoniously blends the charm of suburban life with the budding conveniences of urbanisation, especially noticeable in the town centre where development is steadily gaining pace.

Homagama's appeal lies in its pristine surroundings, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, yet it does not shy away from progress. The town is witnessing a thoughtful expansion, with new housing projects, commercial establishments, and infrastructure improvements that aim to enhance living standards without compromising its natural charm.

The suburb's connectivity to major highways such as the Southern Expressway has positioned it as a strategic link between the urban core of Colombo and the southern parts of the island, making it an attractive choice for those seeking both accessibility and tranquillity.
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City Insights

tick iconExcellent transportation links, including proximity to the Southern Expressway, enhance its accessibility.
tick iconA perfect amalgamation of rural serenity and emerging urban facilities, providing a balanced lifestyle.
tick iconThe local economy is experiencing diversification, with small-scale industries and services gaining momentum alongside agricultural foundations.
tick iconIts transformation from a predominantly rural area to a budding urban suburb is a testament to thoughtful growth.
tick iconA tight-knit community known for its welcoming nature and active participation in local events.
tick iconHomagama is a testament to traditional Sri Lankan living, gradually embracing modern developments.

Known Landmarks

  • Homagama Base Hospital

  • Security Forces Headquarters – West

  • Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka

  • Centre for Defence Research & Development Ministry of Defense

  • NSBM Green University


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Bus Routes

138Homagama - Pettah
122Kataragama - Homagama - Pettah
124Maharagama - Homagama - Ihala Bope
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Nearest Train Stations

0kmHomagama Railway Station
4.6kmKottawa Railway Station
3.5kmMakumbura Multimodal Centre
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New Developments

tick iconCurrently, there are no new developments reported in this area.

What’s great here?

tick iconEasy access to major highways, and excellent connectivity via road and rail, facilitating quick travel to Colombo and other regions.
tick iconA reliable public transport network that connects Homagama with surrounding areas.
tick iconA growing town centre with an increasing array of shops, eateries, and service providers.
tick iconAccess to essential services, including healthcare facilities and educational institutions, catering to community needs.
tick iconA sense of safety fostered by the close-knit community and local law enforcement's presence.
tick iconDistinguished by its lush greenery and serene environment, the area harmoniously blends suburban life with urbanisation.
tick iconAn abundance of green spaces, promoting a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

What needs attention?

tick iconLocated approximately 25 km from the epicentre of Colombo, making for longer commutes, despite access to ample public transport options.
tick iconA need for expansion and enhancement of public services and amenities in order to improve the quality of life for residents.
tick iconA notable increase in safety concerns and incidents, as a result of the unrest stemming from the ongoing economic crisis.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities3 out of 5
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Safety & Security3 out of 5
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Environment5 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Homagama for

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Rs. 31,537.74 sqft
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Negative Trend
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