Colombo 3, Colombo

Colombo 3, known as Kollupitiya or Colpetty, is one of Colombo's most dynamic and upscale neighbourhoods, blending the charm of its colonial past with the vibrancy of modern urban living. This area serves as a microcosm of Colombo's evolution, showcasing an array of high-rise buildings, colonial-era architecture, bustling streets, and verdant spaces. Kollupitiya is a commercial powerhouse, housing an extensive range of businesses, luxury hotels, shopping malls, and gourmet dining options that cater to both the local and expatriate populations.

Spanning a relatively small geographical area, Kollupitiya stands out for its strategic location, bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side and Galle Road, one of Colombo's main thoroughfares, on the other. This unique positioning has made it a coveted spot for real estate, with a mix of residential options ranging from luxury apartments to traditional homes. The area's real estate market is vibrant, driven by high demand and a continuous influx of developments, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Kollupitiya's blend of historical significance, cultural diversity, and economic vitality makes it a fascinating area to explore and live in. It embodies a fast-paced lifestyle while offering pockets of tranquillity through its seaside promenades and public parks, such as Viharamahadevi Park. The neighbourhood is a testament to Colombo's capacity to preserve its heritage while progressing towards a cosmopolitan future, making it an ideal location for those seeking the best of both worlds.
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City Insights

tick iconExcellent connectivity through major roads, rail, and public transport options.
tick iconPrime location with easy access to the business and entertainment hubs of Colombo.
tick iconThriving commercial centre with numerous businesses, offices, and retail outlets.
tick iconRich colonial heritage visible in its architecture and urban layout.
tick iconVibrant social scene with a mix of locals and expatriates, fostering a cosmopolitan community.
tick iconDiverse cultural landscape, hosting various cultural events and festivals.

Known Landmarks

  • Liberty Plaza

  • Colpetty Roundabout

  • Crescat Boulevard

  • Lee Hedges Tower

  • Cinnamon Grand Colombo


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Bus Routes

100Panadura - Kollupitiya - Pettah
101Moratuwa - Kollupitiya - Pettah
177Kollupitiya - Kaduwela
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Nearest Train Stations

0kmKollupitiya Railway Station
3.1kmBambalapitiya Railway Station
5kmWellawatte Train Station
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New Developments

tick iconA range of newly constructed luxury apartment complexes such as Astoria Tower, Thurstan 42 and Peak Residencies - Boyd Place.

What’s great here?

tick iconExceptional connectivity to other parts of the city via road and rail.
tick iconHome to a wide array of shopping, dining, and recreational facilities.
tick iconA stone’s throw away from some of the island’s leading schools and colleges.
tick iconHosts several reputed hospitals and healthcare institutions.
tick iconHome to a plethora of luxury retail spaces and renowned hotel chains.
tick iconBoasts a selection of upscale apartment complexes, blending luxury living with the convenience of urban life.
tick iconHighly secure area with a significant presence of security services.
tick iconBeautiful coastal environment alongside urban green spaces, enhancing the area's appeal for residents and visitors alike.

What needs attention?

tick iconSignificant traffic congestion during peak hours, which can extend travel times and affect daily commutes.
tick iconA need for measures to control air and noise pollution, including stricter regulations on vehicle emissions and construction activities.
tick iconGreen spaces are becoming more and more sparse as new real estate projects come into play.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities5 out of 5
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Safety & Security5 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Colombo 3 for

Average Price (Last 12 months)
Rs. 55,846.92 sqft
Past 12 months' growth
Positive Trend
Past 3 months' growth
Positive Trend
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