Colombo 12, Colombo

Colombo 12, also known as Hulftsdorp or Aluthkade, weaves a rich tapestry of Sri Lanka's legal, administrative, and colonial history within the bustling urban landscape of Colombo. This district is home to the country's highest courts and numerous legal firms, making it the epicentre of Sri Lankan jurisprudence. Named after a Dutch general, Hulftsdorp embodies the historical depth of Colombo, with its name serving as a nod to the area's strategic importance during colonial times. The presence of the Supreme Court and a host of legal institutions underscores the area's significance in the contemporary legal framework, while colonial-era buildings contribute to its historic charm.

Moreover, Hulftsdorp is a microcosm of Colombo's diverse urban life, bustling with markets, residential spaces, and the daily grind of its inhabitants. The juxtaposition of solemn legal proceedings against the backdrop of vibrant market scenes and residential buzz offers a unique glance into the multifaceted nature of life in Colombo. Hulftsdorp not only stands as a testament to the legal heritage of Sri Lanka but also showcases the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernity. Its central location further accentuates its role as a crucial node within Colombo, bridging various facets of the city's social, cultural, and economic life. The area's historic significance, coupled with its contribution to the legal landscape, marks Hulftsdorp as a distinctive district that encapsulates the essence of Colombo's past and present.
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City Insights

tick iconNestled in the northern part of Colombo, it serves as a hub for the city's judicial and legal activities.
tick iconDirect bus services do not pass through Colombo 12 (Hulftsdorp) to minimise disturbances around the judicial area.
tick iconThe economy is primarily driven by government institutions, legal services, and local businesses.
tick iconThe area buzzes with legal professionals, residents, and visitors, creating a dynamic social environment.
tick iconA mix of colonial architecture and modern legal institutions defines its unique cultural landscape.

Known Landmarks

  • The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

  • Old Moor Street, Colombo 12

  • Sri Lanka Law College

  • Muhiyadeen Jummah Masjid


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Bus Routes

- Due to its role as a legislative and judicial hub, bus routes are strategically diverted from directly passing through this area to minimise noise pollution and disturbances.
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Nearest Train Stations

2.1kmMaradana Railway Station
2.3kmFort Railway Station
3.3kmDematagoda Railway Station
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New Developments

tick iconCurrently, there are no new developments reported in this area.

What’s great here?

tick iconGood connectivity via road and rail, although there is very limited access to buses.
tick iconLocated in the heart of Colombo, allowing for effortless commutes to and from all parts of the commercial capital as well as its immediate suburbs.
tick iconSelective access to public amenities and facilities due to the area’s distinct role as the legislative and judicial hub.
tick iconHome to a few luxury apartment complexes and upscale residencies.
tick iconThe concentration of significant governmental and judicial institutions ensures a higher level of security and surveillance, providing a safer environment overall.
tick iconHome to a blend of colonial architecture and modern structures, offering a unique historical and cultural setting that adds to its charm and character.
tick iconHosts more green spaces and harbours lower degrees of pollution and congestion compared to other parts of Colombo.

What needs attention?

tick iconLack of bus routes passing through the area, which poses a challenge to commuters who rely on this mode of public transport.
tick iconPotential for further development of public amenities and recreational spaces to enhance the quality of life for residents and professionals working in the area.
tick iconLimited housing options, making it less suitable as a residential area.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute3.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities3 out of 5
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Safety & Security5 out of 5
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Environment4.5 out of 5

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Rs. 18,777.29 sqft
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Negative Trend
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