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Kurunegala City, the capital of the Kurunegala District in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka, is a dynamic urban centre known for its historical significance, natural beauty, and economic vitality. The city, often referred to as the "City of the Elephant Rock" due to the prominent rock formation that resembles an elephant, serves as a major commercial and administrative hub in the region. Kurunegala's strategic location, approximately 94 km from Colombo, enhances its connectivity and accessibility, making it a crucial link between various parts of Sri Lanka.

The city boasts a population that is a blend of diverse ethnicities and cultures, contributing to its vibrant community atmosphere. Kurunegala's economy is diverse, with strong sectors in agriculture, manufacturing, and services, alongside emerging industries such as real estate and tourism. The ongoing development projects and the city's appeal as a residential and investment destination make Kurunegala a promising area for growth.
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நகரம் தொடர்பான விபரங்கள்

tick iconStrategically located in the North Western Province, Kurunegala blends urban and rural settings and is about 94 km from Colombo, serving as a key gateway to various parts of Sri Lanka.
tick iconExcellent connectivity through extensive bus routes and railway lines, with Kurunegala Railway Station and Polgahawela Junction being critical travel hubs.
tick iconPresents a rich cultural tapestry, blending traditional customs with modern influences, highlighted by cultural landmarks, festivals, and a strong agricultural heritage.
tick iconThe district offers a diverse social landscape, combining the vibrancy of urban centres with the close-knit community feel of rural areas, fostering an inclusive living environment.
tick iconRobust and diversified economy, with agriculture as its backbone, supplemented by manufacturing and emerging sectors like textiles and tourism, supported by ongoing development projects.
tick iconRich in history, Kurunegala features significant ancient sites like Ridi Viharaya and the ruins of Panduwasnuwara, along with the iconic Elephant Rock (Ethagala).


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5Colombo - Kurunegala
507Kurunegala - Kegalle
218-5Kurunegala - Mahiyanganaya
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0kmKurunegala Railway Station
3.2kmMuttettugala Railway Station
5.3kmNailiya Railway Station
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புதிய முன்னேற்றங்கள்

tick iconNew housing projects like 'Rock City' and 'Imperial' catering to various income groups.

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tick iconWell-connected via major bus routes and railway lines, making travel to cities like Colombo and Kandy convenient.
tick iconThe development of the Central Expressway enhances connectivity, reducing travel time and fostering economic growth​.
tick iconThe city offers convenient access to a comprehensive range of amenities including shopping centres, hospitals, educational institutions, and recreational facilities.
tick iconOngoing real estate projects like 'Rock City' and 'Imperial' are introducing modern housing and commercial spaces, providing affordable and accessible living options.
tick iconRural areas in Kurunegala have a strong sense of community, contributing to a safer and more welcoming environment​.
tick iconUrban developments include considerations for safety and security, with well-planned residential areas and public spaces​.
tick iconBoasts picturesque landscapes with hills, lakes, and forests, offering a serene and attractive environment for residents.

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tick iconIncreasing urbanisation has led to traffic bottlenecks, especially during peak hours, impacting daily commutes.
tick iconDespite extensive bus routes, there is a significant shortage of buses after 8 pm, affecting late-night travel options​.
tick iconWhile urban areas are developing rapidly, there's a need for more balanced commercial growth across the city to avoid overcrowding in certain zones.
tick iconHigh population density in urban centres can lead to overcrowding, putting a strain on resources and potentially increasing petty crimes.
tick iconSome remote areas may require improved security measures to ensure safety for all residents.
tick iconDeforestation and urban sprawl pose significant challenges to the district’s natural ecosystems, requiring effective management and conservation efforts​.

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