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Ambalangoda, a charming coastal town in southern Sri Lanka, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant community. Situated approximately 85 km south of Colombo and spanning about 17 sq km, this town offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern development. Known for its traditional mask making and vibrant festivals, Ambalangoda presents a picturesque coastal environment with golden sandy beaches, making it a desirable location for both living and tourism.

Real estate in Ambalangoda has been steadily growing, with an increasing number of residential and commercial developments. The town’s scenic coastal line, coupled with its cultural attractions, has attracted a diverse mix of residents and investors. The recent surge in eco-friendly and sustainable projects has further enhanced Ambalangoda’s appeal. Its proximity to key urban centres like Galle and Colombo also adds to its strategic importance, making it a hub of activity and growth in the region.
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நகரம் தொடர்பான விபரங்கள்

tick iconSituated on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 85 km south of Colombo.
tick iconWell-connected by the Coastal Line railway and major bus routes; close to key cities like Galle and Colombo.
tick iconPredominantly Sinhalese Buddhist population with a presence of Christianity and Islam, reflecting a diverse community.
tick iconEconomy supported by fishing, tourism, and traditional crafts, with growing contributions from real estate.
tick iconFamous for vibrant festivals, traditional mask making, and cultural workshops; a hub for arts and crafts in Sri Lanka.
tick iconRich history in traditional arts, especially mask making; known for historical temples and cultural heritage.


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பேருந்து வழித்தடங்கள்

2-3Ambalangoda - Colombo
32Fort - Ambalangoda - Kataragama
35-7Ambalangoda - Ampara
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அருகிலுள்ள ரயில் நிலையங்கள்

0kmAmbalangoda Train Station
1.6kmKandegoda Train Station
4kmAndadola Train Station
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புதிய முன்னேற்றங்கள்

tick iconCurrently, there are no new developments reported in this area.

இங்கே என்ன சிறப்பு?

tick iconWell-connected by Coastal Line railway, the Southern Expressway and major bus routes.
tick iconClose proximity to key cities like Galle and Kalutara enhances accessibility.
tick iconOffers relatively convenient access to a wide range of public facilities and amenities that cater to the day-to-day needs of residents and visitors.
tick iconRich cultural heritage with traditional mask making and vibrant festivals.
tick iconGradually growing real estate market with increasing residential and commercial developments.
tick iconRelatively safe community with a low crime rate.
tick iconFriendly and welcoming local population.
tick iconPicturesque coastal environment with stunning beaches and scenic views, with an emphasis on sustainable development and environmental conservation.

கவனம்செலுத்த வேண்டிய விடயங்கள்?

tick iconTraffic congestion during peak hours due to increasing tourism and development.
tick iconLimited bus services after evening hours can be challenging for residents.
tick iconNeed for more public amenities to support growing population and tourism.
tick iconA need for improved and more comprehensive healthcare and education facilities.
tick iconIncreased security measures and vigilance needed in the more remote, inner areas.
tick iconGradual development and urbanisation poses a threat to the natural environment, particularly the beaches and coastal areas.

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