The Kingdom Sigiriya

By Global Housing & Real Estate

மொத்த பிரிவுகள்

6 Floors, 108 Units


433 - 612.4 sqft

திட்ட நிலை


நிறைவடையும் திகதி

LKR 12.9m - 26m

Rich in history and splendour, shrouded in mystery and magnificence, Sigiriya plays a key role in Sri Lankan identity and tourism. The Kingdom – Sigiriya, a 108-unit residential development by Global Housing and Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd, sits amidst this majestic land. Covering 95,000 sq ft in total, this grand project spans six floors, including a shopping arena on the ground floor, an Ayurvedic spa, a gym, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. This development primarily caters to those who desire the finer things in life, whether it is to secure a holiday home in a prominent location or to create an asset with the potential to generate substantial rental income.

But what makes Sigiriya so special? Often hailed as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World,’ Sigiriya is a mesmerising ancient rock fortress in Sri Lanka’s Central Province. Dominated by a colossal 180m granite column, this UNESCO World Heritage Site combines historical grandeur with breathtaking vistas. King Kashyapa’s palace, perched atop the rock, and its legendary frescoes attract thousands of tourists annually. Its unique blend of ancient urban planning, lush gardens, and remarkable architecture make Sigiriya not only a prime destination for history enthusiasts but also a lucrative real estate investment. With its rich cultural allure and constant visitor influx, property here promises both charm and profit.

Cleverly constructed while embracing nature and panoramic views, The Kingdom – Sigiriya possesses an attention-grabbing design, delightful aesthetics, and superior fittings. The front door features mahogany or imported wood with a red balau frame, while internal doors use plywood sash and balau frames. Bathrooms are fitted with Rocell or TOTO fixtures and American Standard accessories. In addition, there is SLT connectivity, with telephone outlets in the living area and master bedroom. Whether a studio apartment or a two-bedroom unit, owning a part of The Kingdom – Sigiriya will likely enhance any investment portfolio.

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நீச்சல் குளம்
கழிவு முகாமைத்துவம்
உடற்பயிற்சி கூடம்
மின் உயர்த்திகள்
24/7 பாதுகாப்பு
சூடான தண்ணீர் வசதி
வாகன தரிப்பிடம்
ஏர் கண்டிஷனிங்
பவர் காப்புப்பிரதி
சிசிடிவி பாதுகாப்பு
தீ அபாயத்தினை கண்டறிதல் & பாதுகாப்பு


tick iconArea with tourist appeal, offering substantial rental income potential
tick iconThe developer’s reputation adds to the property value
tick iconBreathtaking views and luxury amenities
tick iconDirect view of Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
tick iconIdeal for nature and history lovers

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Global Housing and Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd, a distinguished member of the Global Group of Companies, excels in luxury apartment development and construction in Sri Lanka. Renowned projects like The Kingdom – Sigiriya, Marriott Residencies – Colombo 06, Grand Residencies – Nuwara Eliya, and Ocean Breeze – Negombo highlight its portfolio.

As Sri Lanka’s premier developer, it offers comprehensive property development services. It is dedicated to delivering innovative, value-added products tailored to market demands. With a business approach grounded in discipline and transparency, it has fostered enduring relationships over 18 years, earning an unshakeable reputation among high-net-worth individuals and both local and international investors.

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