Sea Esta By Excello

மொத்த பிரிவுகள்

16 Units


2,771 - 3,173 sqft

திட்ட நிலை


நிறைவடையும் திகதி

LKR 52m - 70m

An amalgamation of greens, browns, and whites forms a visual treat by the Mount Lavinia shores. This majestic gated community – Sea Esta by Excello – consists of sixteen luxury villas, studded with imported Italian kitchens, landscaped roof terraces with vibrant blooms, and tastefully designed interiors. With the mesmerising ocean in the background and immaculately designed villas beside each other, living here is an experience of a tranquil lifestyle.

Each villa is thoughtfully constructed on six to seven-perch lands, providing ample space for a variety of living arrangements. With five distinct floor plans to choose from, these villas cater to diverse lifestyle needs. There are three and four-bedroom options, which feature a separate servant room and bathroom, a powder room for guests, a utility room for additional storage, and separate wet and dry kitchens. Meanwhile, each villa comprises parking for two vehicles and contemporary recessed minimalist light fixtures and fans in the living, dining, and main rooms. Pendant lights add a touch of elegance to the living and dining areas, creating an inviting atmosphere for both daily living and entertaining.

Moreover, security and convenience are prioritised in this community. Each villa features an automated gate system, ensuring privacy and ease of access. The development offers 24/7 security with CCTV facilities, providing peace of mind to residents. Visitors are also accommodated with dedicated parking facilities, making it easy to host friends and family.

The internal concrete or paved roads within the development facilitate easy movement. Natural light floods each villa, enhancing ventilation, and creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Air conditioning is available for the master bedrooms upon request for a comfortable retreat from the tropical heat. The villas are also equipped with a solar water heater system, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Coupled with Mount Lavinia’s desirability with its plethora of amenities and hotels, this development is situated in a highly sought-after location.

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கழிவு முகாமைத்துவம்
24/7 பாதுகாப்பு
சூடான தண்ணீர் வசதி
வாகன தரிப்பிடம்
ஏர் கண்டிஷனிங்
பவர் காப்புப்பிரதி
சிசிடிவி பாதுகாப்பு
தீ அபாயத்தினை கண்டறிதல் & பாதுகாப்பு


tick iconLuxury gated community by the beach
tick iconFive different floor plans to choose from
tick iconAesthetically designed villas
tick iconImported kitchens and luxurious interiors
tick iconA vibrant neighbourhood with several hotels, restaurants, and shops

அக்கம்பக்கத்தை கண்டறியுங்கள் - வரைபடக் காட்சி


கல்கிசை பகுதி வழிகாட்டிகள்

Mount Lavinia, located along the western coast of Sri Lanka, is a suburb renowned for its rich colonial heritage and vibrant beach culture. This coastal town, just south of Colombo, combines the charm of its historical roots with the allure of its golden beaches, making it a unique blend of tradition and leisure. Recognized as one of the most sought-after residential areas near Colombo, Mount Lavinia offers a relaxed lifestyle with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, coupled with the convenience of city living.

The area is famed for the Mount Lavinia Hotel, a colonial-era mansion that has been transformed into a luxury hotel, embodying the historical essence of the suburb. The town's beach, known for its lively atmosphere, attracts both locals and tourists to its shores, hosting a variety of water sports, beachside dining, and entertainment options.

Mount Lavinia remains a prime example of coastal living at its best, offering residents and visitors a blend of historical elegance, modern amenities, and natural beauty. As it continues to evolve, the challenge lies in balancing growth with the preservation of its unique character and natural environment.


இங்கே என்ன சிறப்பு

tick iconDirect access to major transportation routes, including Galle Road and the Southern Railway Line, facilitating easy commutes.
tick iconProximity to Colombo, making it ideal for those working in the city but seeking a beachside lifestyle.
மேலும் வாசிக்க

கவனம்செலுத்த வேண்டிய விடயங்கள்

tick iconHeavy traffic congestion along the Galle Road during peak hours.
tick iconLimited access to public parks and green spaces in and around the area.
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கல்கிசை அருகிலுள்ள இடங்கள் தொடர்பான மதிப்பீடுகள்


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அனுபவ ஆண்டுகாலம்

With years of experience in overseeing and constructing various projects, Excello has established itself as a leading construction and architectural solutions provider in Sri Lanka. Excello, derived from the Spanish term ‘elevate’, embodies its mission to elevate luxury living standards. Committed to uncompromising quality, Excello ensures that its buildings are lifelong investments.

Partnering with top service providers, it offers exceptional service and maintains high industry standards. Conducting with the highest industry standards, Excello ensures quality is never compromised. Excello's highly capable and creative experts are eager to perform, making it a trusted name in the Sri Lankan construction industry.

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கல்கிசை இல் சொத்து விலை போக்குகள்

சராசரி விலை (கடந்த 12 மாதங்கள்)
Rs. 26,569.54 sqft
கடந்த 12 மாதத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட வளர்ச்சி
Positive Trend
கடந்த 3 மாதத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட வளர்ச்சி
Positive Trend
குறிப்பு: விலைத் தகவல் ikman இல் வெளியிடப்பட்ட விளம்பரங்களின் கடந்த காலத் தரவை அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்டது மற்றும் முழுமையான சந்தைப் போக்குகளைப் பிரதிபலிக்காது.

ikman இல் விரைவாக விற்க அல்லது வாடகைக்கு வழங்க: உங்கள் சொத்தை 2 நிமிடங்களில் விளம்பரப்படுத்தலாம்!