Aston Residency

மொத்த பிரிவுகள்

27 Units


1,145 - 1,700 sqft

விளம்பரப்படுத்தும் திகதி

April 2023

திட்ட நிலை


நிறைவடையும் திகதி

LKR 42m - 47m

What are the main factors you would look for as a potential homeowner? The first is about the location. Colombo 5 excels in terms of convenience, connectivity, and land value. The next is the actual property. Is it situated in a safe neighbourhood? Are the designs pleasing? Is it well-built, reliable, and capable of meeting your family’s needs? Fulfilling all these requirements calls for a systematic approach from the developer, which Aston Residency is proof of.

Comprising twenty-seven units, these apartments range from 1,145 to 1,700 sq ft. There are two-bedroom and three-bedroom options, and they also feature maid’s quarters, spacious living and dining areas, and kitchen areas with a pantry. In addition, these apartments feature modern amenities for luxurious living. The master bedroom epitomises comfort with air conditioning and hot water facilities. The living and dining areas, as well as the master bedroom, are equipped with TV and telephone points, and each apartment has fiber optic provision.

Meanwhile, every room includes premium-quality modular electric switches and plug sockets. Balconies are fitted with anti-slip vitrified tiles for safety. The kitchen is state-of-the-art, featuring an international designer setup with a hob, hood, stainless steel sink, and under-counter lighting. Bathrooms are elegantly designed with international designer washbasins, vanity counters, water-saving flush valve systems, mixer taps, hand bidet showers, and tempered glass shower cubicles with rain showers.

The amenities are on point too. From a swimming pool and gym to a rooftop area, residents have plenty to do at home. Stepping out, a host of facilities are within easy reach. Lanka Hospital is only 700m away while local markets brimming with fresh produce, places of worship, schools, fashion outlets, and coffee shops are just a stone’s throw away. These factors have contributed significantly to the land prices in and around Colombo 5, making it a worthy investment option as well as a convenient place to feel at home.

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நீச்சல் குளம்
கழிவு முகாமைத்துவம்
உடற்பயிற்சி கூடம்
மின் உயர்த்திகள்
24/7 பாதுகாப்பு
சூடான தண்ணீர் வசதி
வாகன தரிப்பிடம்
ஏர் கண்டிஷனிங்
பவர் காப்புப்பிரதி
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tick iconPrime location with high rental growth
tick iconClose to prominent schools, hospitals, and other amenities
tick iconFeatures such as air-conditioned master bedrooms and fibre optic for all apartments
tick iconDesigner kitchen and bathroom amenities
tick iconLand value appreciation is on an upward trajectory

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  • Apartment For Sale in Colombo 5

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    கொழும்பு 5, குடியிருப்புகள் விற்பனைக்கு

    ரூ 83,000,000

கொழும்பு 5 பகுதி வழிகாட்டிகள்

In the heart of Sri Lanka's commercial capital, Colombo 5 - covering Narahenpita, Havelock Town, Kirulapone North and Thimbirigasyaya - stands out as a prime example of urban living. It attracts a diverse mix of locals and expatriates with its blend of modern apartments and elegant houses, making it a sought-after location for comfortable city life. Renowned for its excellent healthcare facilities, such as Lanka Hospital, Ninewells Hospital, Asiri Surgical Hospital, Asiri Medical Hospital and prestigious schools like Isipathana College, Colombo 5 caters well to families and professionals. Landmark developments like Havelock City highlight the area's upscale residential appeal.

Colombo 5 is not just a residential haven; it's also a centre for recreation, green spaces, and a thriving culinary scene, showcasing the city's cultural diversity. Its strategic location ensures superb connectivity, appealing to professionals and those enjoying an active lifestyle in the city. As it continues to develop, Colombo 5 remains a vibrant community, offering the perfect mix of urban excitement and the welcoming atmosphere of a close-knit neighbourhood, embodying the essence of city living in Colombo.

இங்கே என்ன சிறப்பு

tick iconExcellent connectivity, enhanced by a well-developed public transportation network and major roads such as High Level Road and Baseline Road. This network facilitates ease of access both within and outside the city.
tick iconStrategically located, with good access to the city centre, ample bus routes and several nearby railway stations, promoting a hassle-free commute​.
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கவனம்செலுத்த வேண்டிய விடயங்கள்

tick iconTraffic congestion remains a challenge, particularly during peak hours.
tick iconThe past few years have seen a gradual decline in green spaces due to the influx of several large-scale housing and apartment complex projects.
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கொழும்பு 5 அருகிலுள்ள இடங்கள் தொடர்பான மதிப்பீடுகள்


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JAG Group
மொத்த திட்டங்களை
அனுபவ ஆண்டுகாலம்

JAG Group is an organisation dedicated to meeting client requirements at international standards. Originating from Singapore, it focuses on developing multi-use properties with a unique client-centric approach. Led by Mr. K. Kiritharan, an esteemed engineer with extensive experience in board and directorial roles across Sri Lanka and Singapore's construction sectors, and Mrs. Kaudinka De Costa, a successful entrepreneur and finance expert from Australia, JAG Group operates on a global scale.

Established in 2014, the company’s journey began with a Mount Lavinia apartment project, achieving deed issuance within six months, marking a robust entry into Sri Lanka's real estate. Committed to customer satisfaction, JAG Group continues to innovate across various industries with international affiliations, driven by client loyalty and project excellence.

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கொழும்பு 5 இல் சொத்து விலை போக்குகள்

சராசரி விலை (கடந்த 12 மாதங்கள்)
Rs. 53,426.86 sqft
கடந்த 12 மாதத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட வளர்ச்சி
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கடந்த 3 மாதத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட வளர்ச்சி
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