நுகேகொட, கொழும்பு

Nugegoda is a dynamic and densely urbanised suburb of Colombo, recognized for its commercial vibrancy and extensive urban development. It is a critical junction that blends the bustling energy of city life with the conveniences expected of a major urban centre. With its plethora of shopping malls, restaurants, and educational institutions, Nugegoda stands as a beacon of urban living, catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences. This suburb is a focal point for commerce, education, and residential life, making it an attractive destination for those seeking the pulse of city life coupled with the accessibility of suburban infrastructure.

The real estate landscape in Nugegoda is characterised by its variety and vitality, with an array of housing options that reflect its urban nature. From high-rise apartments to compact homes, the area caters to an eclectic urban population. Nugegoda's strategic importance is underscored by its robust network of roads and public transport options, ensuring seamless connectivity with the wider Colombo area and beyond. As one of the most urbanised suburbs, Nugegoda continues to evolve, embodying the spirit of modern urban living amid a touch of suburban charm in Sri Lanka.
மேலும் படிக்க
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நகரம் தொடர்பான விபரங்கள்

tick iconExcellent transportation links, including bus routes and the railway, facilitate mobility.
tick iconPerfectly situated for easy access to Colombo, while offering a ‘self-contained’ living experience.
tick iconDriven by commerce, education, and professional services.
tick iconA vibrant and diverse community with representation from all religious and ethnic denominations.
tick iconA melting pot of cultures and communities, reflected in its diverse culinary scene and festivals.
tick iconA suburb that has grown from a quiet residential area to a bustling urban centre.


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பேருந்து வழித்தடங்கள்

112Maharagama - Nugegoda - Kotahena
113Fort - Nugegoda
115Udahamulla - Nugegoda - Pettah
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அருகிலுள்ள ரயில் நிலையங்கள்

0kmNugegoda Railway Station
3.8kmMaharagama Train Station
3kmNawinna Railway Station
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புதிய முன்னேற்றங்கள்

tick iconConstruction of new high-rise apartment complexes such as Kelsey Palace - Nugegoda, to meet the growing demand for housing.

இங்கே என்ன சிறப்பு?

tick iconCentral location with excellent public transport connectivity via road and rail.
tick iconProximity to key roads and expressways, reducing travel times to Colombo and other central areas.
tick iconOffers a ‘self-contained’ living experience with its comprehensive array of urban amenities.
tick iconAbundance of dining options catering to all tastes and budgets.
tick iconA comprehensive array of healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and pharmacies.
tick iconWide variety of shopping destinations, from modern malls to traditional markets.
tick iconHigh level of community vigilance and well-coordinated local police presence.
tick iconServes as an ideal destination for those seeking the pulse of city life coupled with a touch of suburban charm.
tick iconMaintenance of public parks (such as the Urban Wetland Park) and green spaces for recreation and leisure.

கவனம்செலுத்த வேண்டிய விடயங்கள்?

tick iconExtreme traffic congestion during peak hours.
tick iconA need for further development of cultural and recreational facilities to enrich the social fabric.
tick iconA need for strengthening measures against petty crime in crowded areas.
tick iconA need for initiatives to reduce pollution, manage waste and promote sustainable urban development.

அருகிலுள்ள இடங்கள் தொடர்பான மதிப்பீடுகள்


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4.5 out of 5
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4.5 out of 5

நுகேகொட இல் சொத்து விலை போக்குகள்

சராசரி விலை (கடந்த 12 மாதங்கள்)
Rs. 30,523.4 sqft
கடந்த 12 மாதத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட வளர்ச்சி
Positive Trend
கடந்த 3 மாதத்தில் ஏற்பட்ட வளர்ச்சி
Negative Trend
குறிப்பு: விலைத் தகவல் ikman இல் வெளியிடப்பட்ட விளம்பரங்களின் கடந்த காலத் தரவை அடிப்படையாகக் கொண்டது மற்றும் முழுமையான சந்தைப் போக்குகளைப் பிரதிபலிக்காது.

ikman இல் நுகேகொட இல் உள்ள 1995+ ஆதனங்களை கண்டறியுங்கள்


ikman இல் விரைவாக விற்க அல்லது வாடகைக்கு வழங்க: உங்கள் சொத்தை 2 நிமிடங்களில் விளம்பரப்படுத்தலாம்!