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Ragama is a vibrant suburb situated in the Gampaha District of Sri Lanka's Western Province, located about 20 kilometers north of Colombo. This town is known for its rich history and strategic importance, having evolved into a significant residential and medical hub over the years.

Over the decades, Ragama has transformed into a key transportation junction, with major railway lines such as the Main Line and Puttalam Line converging here, significantly enhancing its connectivity with Colombo and other parts of the country.

The Colombo North Teaching Hospital, one of the largest in Sri Lanka, is located here and is affiliated with the University of Kelaniya's Faculty of Medicine. This hospital is renowned for its advanced medical facilities, including the country's only Liver Transplant Unit. Additionally, Ragama hosts several other medical institutions, including the National Hospital for Respiratory Diseases and the Ragama Rehabilitation Hospital, making it a critical healthcare hub in the region.

Ragama's development is supported by its excellent connectivity through major highways and a comprehensive public transport network. The presence of the Ragama Railway Station ensures seamless travel to Colombo and other significant locations, facilitating easy commuting for residents.
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නගරය පිළිබඳ කරුණු

tick iconPositioned strategically north of Colombo, providing easy access to the capital city and other major towns.
tick iconFrequent train and bus services to Colombo, Negombo, and other major cities.
tick iconRetail and wholesale trade contribute to the local economy, with several markets and shopping centers.
tick iconA mix of religious and cultural diversity with several churches and temples contributing to its cultural fabric.
tick iconVarious social amenities are available, including schools, hospitals, parks, and religious places.
tick iconRich historical background with significance in early labor movements and wartime history.


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බස් මාර්ග

979Gampaha - Ragama
262Colombo - Ragama
264/1Ragama - Kandana
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ආසන්නතම දුම්රිය ස්ථාන

0kmRagama Railway Station
3kmWalpola Railway Station
7.1kmEnderamulla Train Station
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නව සංවර්ධනයන්

tick iconCurrently, there are no new developments reported in this area.

මෙම නගරයේ ඇති විශිෂ්ට ලක්ෂණ මොනවාද?

tick iconFrequent train and bus services for convenient commuting.
tick iconWell-connected to other parts of the country via major roadways, including the Colombo-Kandy highway and the Negombo-Colombo main road.
tick iconOffers convenient access to a wide range of public amenities and facilities that cater to the day-to-day needs of residents and visitors.
tick iconPresence of educational institutions such as the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya.
tick iconExcellent healthcare facilities including Colombo North Teaching Hospital and several private hospitals.
tick iconActive local police presence ensuring the safety and security of residents.
tick iconProximity to the Kelani River offers scenic views and recreational opportunities.

මෙම නගරයේ අවධානය යොමු කළ යුතු අංග මොනවාද?

tick iconLimited pedestrian infrastructure and sidewalks in some areas.
tick iconPotential for further development of shopping and dining options.
tick iconContinued enhancements in pedestrian safety and road maintenance are needed.
tick iconMore initiatives required for sustainable waste management and environmental conservation.

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