Harbour View Residencies

By The Urban Development Authority
Colombo 13


260 Units


550 - 550 sqft


June 2024




LKR 11m - 11m

Living in Colombo 13 may not promise the quietest environment, but it offers numerous benefits, especially for business-minded residents. The area’s proximity to Colombo Fort, major government offices, and the bustling Pettah market makes daily operations and networking remarkably convenient. Whether running a business, meeting clients, or accessing government services, everything is within easy reach.

Additionally, the stunning view of Colombo Harbour adds a prestigious touch to properties here, setting them up for significant appreciation in value. This commercial hub is a gateway to key economic activities, making it an ideal setting for those who thrive in dynamic, opportunity-rich environments. The rising land values in Colombo 13 present a wise investment opportunity, particularly for those looking to capitalise on prime real estate in one of the city’s most vibrant locales.

With these incentives, Harbour View Residencies in Colombo 13 invites potential homeowners. Developed by the Urban Development Authority, aiming to make housing affordable and accessible for middle-income earners, this is one of the properties promising competitive pricing. It features 260 units of 550 sq ft apartments with two bedrooms each. Each unit includes a living and dining area, a pantry, a master bedroom, a secondary bedroom, and a bathroom.

In addition, discounts are available for advances paid in US dollars, making it a viable investment opportunity for Sri Lankans living abroad and foreign nationals. Further, a five-year payment plan is on offer for Sri Lankans working overseas, allowing buyers to purchase a home for their loved ones living on the island or for rental purposes an easier prospect. This approach not only makes homeownership more accessible but also positions Harbour View Residencies as a lucrative and practical investment. With its strategic location, thoughtful design, and financial benefits, Harbour View Residencies is set to be an admired address in Colombo 13, perfect for those seeking a combination of convenience, value, and future growth.

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Waste Disposal
24/7 Security
Hot Water System
Parking Space
Power Backup
CCTV Security
Fire Detection & Safety


tick iconConvenient access to Colombo Fort and Pettah market
tick iconStunning views of Colombo Harbour add to the property value
tick iconIdeal for business-minded residents seeking prime real estate
tick iconAffordable housing by Urban Development Authority starting at LKR 11 million
tick iconInvestment incentives include USD discounts and overseas payment plans

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Colombo 13 Area Guide

Colombo 13, known as Kotahena, is a vibrant tapestry of Sri Lanka’s colonial past and bustling present, located along the western coastline of Colombo. This district is steeped in historical significance, reflected through its diverse population, consisting primarily of Tamil Catholics and members of the Colombo Chetty community, whose roots in the area date back to colonial times. Kotahena is celebrated for its religious harmony, hosting the St. Lucia’s Cathedral, one of Sri Lanka's oldest and largest Catholic parish cathedrals, alongside numerous Hindu temples, showcasing the area's rich multicultural fabric.

This area is not just a religious centre; it's also a hub for education with institutions like St. Benedict's College and Good Shepherd Convent, which have been providing quality education for generations. Kotahena's streets buzz with the energy of local markets and shops, echoing the community's lively spirit. Despite its bustling nature, Kotahena retains a sense of tranquillity, with its places of worship offering solace amidst the city’s hustle.

Kotahena’s unique blend of cultural diversity, historical depth, and communal harmony makes it a fascinating chapter in Colombo's urban story, reflecting a seamless blend of the past and present. With landmarks like the St. Lucia’s Cathedral and numerous Hindu temples, it stands as a testament to the area's rich religious and cultural heritage, making it a key district within the greater narrative of Colombo.

What’s great here?

tick iconBenefits from excellent connectivity due to its strategic location near major transport hubs via road and rail, as well as its proximity to Colombo's main port and central areas.
tick iconThe area is a cultural hub with a rich tapestry of historical landmarks and religious sites, with several churches, kovils, mosques and temples situated in unison, inviting residents and visitors of all faiths.

What needs attention?

tick iconAddressing traffic congestion and enhancing public transportation services could improve daily commutes for residents and ease access to and from the district.
tick iconExpansion of local amenities such as parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces would further enhance the quality of life for residents.

Colombo 13 Neighbourhood Rating


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The Urban Development Authority

The Urban Development Authority (UDA), established under Law No. 41 of 1978, is pivotal in advancing integrated planning and development in Sri Lanka's urban areas. Addressing the growing middle-class housing demand, particularly in urban areas dominated by the private sector, the UDA provides affordable housing solutions, making homeownership more accessible.

Additionally, the UDA focuses on creating vibrant, sustainable communities and upgrading infrastructure, ensuring that cities evolve into livable spaces that meet the needs of all residents. By leveraging modern technology and strategic approaches, the UDA enhances urban living and supports the nation’s growth.

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Rs. 23,306.15 sqft
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