Dehiwala, Colombo

Dehiwala, a suburb in the Colombo District of Sri Lanka, is a vibrant community known for its scenic coastline, rich cultural heritage, and bustling urban life. Positioned strategically south of Colombo along the Galle Road artery, Dehiwala serves as a crucial link between the serene beachside living and the dynamic pulse of the city. The area is renowned for the National Zoological Gardens, one of the oldest zoos in Asia, offering a glimpse into the biodiversity of the region and serving as a significant educational and conservation centre. Dehiwala Beach, with its captivating sunsets and leisure activities, attracts both locals and tourists seeking relaxation and recreation by the sea.

The suburb's infrastructure includes the Dehiwala Railway Station, a key transportation hub facilitating ease of travel to and from Colombo and other parts of the island. The historical evolution of Dehiwala, from a quiet residential area to a thriving urban suburb, reflects the broader trends of Sri Lanka's urban development, showcasing a blend of traditional and modern lifestyles.

Dehiwala's real estate market has seen considerable growth, with an array of housing projects catering to a diverse population. The suburb's strategic location, coupled with its rich cultural fabric and natural beauty, makes it an attractive destination for residents and investors alike. The community's vibrancy is further enhanced by a variety of shops, eateries, and public spaces, contributing to the lively atmosphere of Dehiwala.
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City Insights

tick iconCoastal suburb south of Colombo, offering a blend of urban and beachside living.
tick iconLies along the Galle Road artery and Marine Drive, making for excellent connectivity by road and rail, facilitating easy commutes.
tick iconBoasts a dynamic local economy with thriving businesses, especially in textile, apparel and other such trade.
tick iconA vibrant multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural city.
tick iconHome to a diverse community, contributing to a lively social scene.
tick iconHome to a thriving Muslim community, with 12+ mosques.

Known Landmarks

  • Dehiwala Flyover

  • Dehiwala Zoo

  • Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Cemetery

  • NOLIMIT, Dehiwala - Mount Lavinia

  • Colombo South Teaching Hospital


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Bus Routes

100Panadura - Dehiwala - Pettah
101Moratuwa - Dehiwala - Pettah
102Moratuwa - Dehiwala - Kotahena
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Nearest Train Stations

0kmDehiwala Railway Station
2.5kmMount Lavinia Train Station
7kmWellawatte Railway Station
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New Developments

tick iconGovernment to embark on the extension of Marine Drive from Dehiwala to Panadura.
tick iconSeveral new apartment complex projects under construction, including 43 By The Sea Marine Drive, Green Star City and Barrington Tower, as well as newly completed projects such as Vanderwert Residencies and The Wonder - Dehiwala are redefining Dehiwala’s r

What’s great here?

tick iconExcellent transport links to the rest of Colombo, via road and rail.
tick iconHome to a comprehensive range of amenities including parks, beaches, eateries, hotels, gyms, clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, clothing stores and more.
tick iconConvenient access to top educational and healthcare institutions.
tick iconUrban neighbourhoods are safe and ideal for both families and individuals.
tick iconOffers an idyllic blend of urban and beachside living.

What needs attention?

tick iconDespite proximity to Colombo, commute times are extended due to high traffic congestion.
tick iconBeachside neighbourhoods offer a slightly lower safety profile compared to more urban areas.
tick iconFacing a reduction in green areas, alongside growing pollution and air quality concerns.

Neighbourhood Rating


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Connectivity & Commute4.5 out of 5
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Lifestyle & Facilities5 out of 5
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Safety & Security3.5 out of 5
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Environment4 out of 5

Property Price Trends in Dehiwala for

Average Price (Last 12 months)
Rs. 27,984.28 sqft
Past 12 months' growth
Positive Trend
Past 3 months' growth
Positive Trend
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